Holter BTL-08 ABPM (NEW)

Holter ABPM BTL-08

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Holter of blood pressure BTL-08 ABPM. DEMO condition.

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Holter of blood pressure BTL-08 ABPM. Demo condition..

Main Features:

• Non-invasive blood pressure ambulatory monitor for 24, 36 or 48 hours of continuous monitoring of blood pressure.

• The device measures blood pressure by the oscillometric method

• LCD display on a patient unit

• Easily accessible patient buttons

• Wireless communication between the module and the PC

• Analysis of blood pressure and heart rate

• Graphical and table interpretation

• A4 format printing

• Study: The system of monitoring blood pressure and heart rate is for 24, 36 or 48h

• Evaluation: The measured data, are transferred from the module to the PC wirelessly via infrared port. After transmission, detailed analysis of blood pressure is automatically performed with a graphical interpretation and a table of the study results.

• Printing: The printed final report can be compiled from the graphs, tables and analyzes shown as well as being supplemented with comments or instructions from the doctor.

The equipment working whit Windows XP.

Price: 320 € + VAT (21% in Spain). Last unit in liquidation.

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Holter ABPM BTL-08

Holter ABPM BTL-08

Holter of blood pressure BTL-08 ABPM. DEMO condition.

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