Relmedic, Reliance Medical Supplies, a modern and innovative company founded in Madrid in January 2014 as a multi-brand solution for all kinds of electro-medicine spare parts and accessories. Personal attention and professional advice for hospitals, clinics and health centers. We work with all manufacturers and spare parts, new and refurbished, original and compatible.

Custom financing and payment facilities. We provide budget of all kinds of probes and transducers, ECG and fiber optic cables, Spo2, scales and balances, bulbs and lamps, batteries, clinical furniture, ophthalmology accessories, endoscopy, microscopy, laryngoscopy, dermoscopy, audymetry, veterinary diagnosis. .... We also provide calibration service for all ENAC certified equipment.

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* We fulfill the mission of satisfying the health and wellness needs of all people, marketing health products, accessories and spare parts of the best quality for all medical equipment.

* We have the vision and the aim of being a company with a national level in the health sector.

* Our values ​​are customer orientation and satisfaction for the job well done.


Antonio González Montemayor / Director Comercial


Teléfono: +34 645918335