Toshiba PVT-781VT Demo

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*Toshiba PVT-781VT endocavity probe 

Compatible whit for Aplio systems 300,400 and 500.   

Original, Demo condition like new, whiout use.

From stok of 2014.

In original Toshiba case.

Frequency: 3 - 11 Mhz

3 months of warranty.

Price: 2.300 € + VAT (21% in Spain)

* Free shipping within the EU.

* International buyers should not pay VAT, check before buying.


Phone/Whatsapp: +34645918335


* All the equipments are delivered clean and disinfected with professional solution Neoform Med Rapid by Dr.Weigert.

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Toshiba PVT-781VT Demo

Toshiba PVT-781VT Demo

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