STORZ SCB 3D 22204020

3.500,00 €


*Storz SCB 3D Camera controller 22204020 .

Excellent condition and perfect working order.

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*Storz SCB 3D Camera controller 22204020. 

Excellent condition and perfect working order.

Discover a new world in three dimensions

- Extraordinary three-dimensional experience with excellent depth perception. Accurate depth perception inside the human body is an essential requirement for every endoscopic procedure. The KARL STORZ 3D system offers the surgeon excellent depth perception and outstanding hand-eye coordination. Particularly when performing tasks with high demands on spatial perception. The KARL STORZ 3D system enables precise position determination, thus increasing efficiency and patient safety in the operating theatre.

- Easy handling and short learning phase. Compact and lightweight design. Low fatigue, even after prolonged work.

Technical specifications:

- 1080p DVI-D output for transmission of the 3D signal to a 3D monitor.

- HD-SDI, RGB, S-video and Composite outputs for simultaneous transmission of the 2D signal to other devices


- Easy switching between 2D and 3D

- Integrated USB interface for saving video recordings or 2D still images

- Individual picture adjustment (contrast, brightness, digital zoom)

- 2 USB connectors.

- Integrated SCB connection (KARL STORZ Communication Bus)

2 months warranty.

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* All equipment is delivered clean and disinfected with Dr.Weigert's professional Neoform Med Rapid solution.

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STORZ SCB 3D 22204020

STORZ SCB 3D 22204020

*Storz SCB 3D Camera controller 22204020 .

Excellent condition and perfect working order.

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