SpiroTiger Analyzer Medical

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SpiroTiger Medical Respiratory Analyzer. New.

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SpiroTiger Medical Respiratory Analyzer. New.

SpiroTiger is an analyzer not only for professional athletes, but also for ambitious amateurs, trainers and therapists. Respiratory training with Spiro Tiger helps to positively influence the resistance of respiratory muscles.

What is it for ?:
- Development of respiratory capacity
- Better articulation
- Strengthening of the back muscles
- Body shaping and toning of abs
- Improvement of the silhouette
Who is it aimed at?
- Anyone between the ages of 9 and 99!
- Athletes and athletes
- Anyone with breathing problems (eg, asthmatics)
- Sedentary workers
- Women who are victims of osteoporosis
- Anyone who has back problems

How is it used?
- 2 or 3 sessions per week
- 15 minutes per session to see quick results

- Training is simple and can be adapted for anyone
- Immediate results after only 15 minutes
- Small, compact and efficient
- Easy to carry and use anywhere

Also avalibity SMART and GO version.

Price: 800 € + VAT (21% in Spain). Last unit in liquidation.
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SpiroTiger Analyzer Medical

SpiroTiger Analyzer Medical

SpiroTiger Medical Respiratory Analyzer. New.

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