Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NEW)

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Nitric Oxide Analyzer Nobreath.

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Nitric Oxide Analyzer Nobreath.

The Fractional Expired Nitric Oxide (FENO) measurement performed with the NObreath Nitric Oxide (NO) monitor provides noninvasive and reliable measurement of NO levels in the patient's exhaled air. This measurement in ppb (parts per billion) can be used for diagnostic purposes and for monitoring the prescribed treatments. (1)

FENO is a valid marker of airway inflammation, safe, easy and quick to obtain with NObreath. The correlation between elevated levels of FENO and airway inflammation, for example in COPD patients, has been well established. (2)

NObreath is now a team accessible to all health professionals and will allow them to have a reliable equipment for FENO monitoring.

This portable device opens access to respiratory specialists, allergies and physicians to comply with ATS and ERS recommendations (3) when testing FENO levels in patients.

Both adult and child patients can be examined, diagnosed and correctly prescribed with the appropriate treatment, all with the consequent saving of time and cost reduction.

NObreath uses the NObreathFloTM sampling system, is reusable and ensures the correct test procedure. To this system only a disposable nozzle should be added to minimize the risk of infections between patients.


-Integrated environmental NO filter
- Sound and visual warnings during exhaled sampling
- Patented NObreathFlo ™ system for easy testing
-Little, lightweight, portable
-Heat-powered (3 x AA)
-Touch color touch screen type PDA
-Guided graphic process of the whole test
-Autocalibration and Auto-check
-Single-use disposable earplugs for contagion control
-Anti-bacterial filter and one-way valve to prevent accidental inhalation.

Price: 3.000 € + VAT (21% in Spain). Free shipping to worldwide.


Cell: +34645918335 (also WhatsApp) 


* All equipment is delivered clean and disinfected with the professional solution Neoform Med Rapid from Dr.Weigert.

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Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NEW)

Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NEW)

Nitric Oxide Analyzer Nobreath.

Demo condition.

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