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Cardio Vitaljacket 5-Lead SDK T-Shirt (NEW).

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Cardio Vitaljacket 5-Lead SDK T-Shirt (NEW).

VitalJacket is the first certified medical device that combines portable technology and biomedical current engineering solutions.

VitalJacket is an easy-to-wear, very comfortable and reliable CardioMonitor. It can be used by the patient and ensures at least 72 hours of continuous exams, which allows physicians to make a correct assessment of heart problems in an environment of everyday life.

VitalJacket includes a small digital recorder (66x38x16 mm) of light weight (50 g) that is easily located in an exclusive pocket inside the shirt. The recorder will display a simple and visible color code that allows easy interpretation by healthcare professionals and patients of all VitalJacket's functionalities. VitalJacket is the only Holter system with a built-in accelerometer.

VitalJacket 5 carries a Holter system capable of recording 72 hours of continuous signal and is used for cardiac control in patients with arrhythmias. It can be used by the patient for longer than other ECG systems on the market. Access to increased periods of such clinical information, allows physicians to make a more accurate assessment of their patient's heart problems in the most natural environment, every day.

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Cardio Vitaljacket 5-Lead SDK T-Shirt (NEW).

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